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Dawood Rafaqat – Your Partner in Lead Generation in Dubai

An accomplished business development professional with a diverse skillset spanning over 7 years in creating and executing digital marketing strategies, building brand identities, analyzing market research data, and enhancing products and services to generate leads and elevate a brand’s digital communication.

A proven track record in driving revenue growth through strategic partnerships, market analysis, and customer engagement. Possessing a solid background in artificial intelligence, data science, and software development, with strong fundamentals and adaptability to work in various development environments.

Passionate about identifying and pursuing new business opportunities, building lasting relationships with clients, and driving success through effective marketing strategies and lead generation techniques.

Recently worked as a Digital Marketing Manager and SEO Team Lead at Enfield Royal Clinics (UAE).
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Business Development - Lead Generation - Brand Strategy - Client Relations - Digital Marketing - Search Engine Optimization - Content Creation - Video Production - Graphics Design - UI/UX Design - Web Development - Software Development -

From an idea to results, explore my successful case studies of how I assisted businesses in Dubai in developing and implementing strategies that delivered real results.

In his 20s and already making waves in business development and lead generation in Dubai, Dawood Rafaqat is the talent you want on your team!

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